Left Forum 2020 will return to LIU Brooklyn May 29th-31st to bring together grassroots groups, activists, academics, and people who are trying to understand and improve their roles in transforming our world. We invite you to submit workshops, panels and film screenings to discuss and debate the experiences, strategies, tactics and theories that can help build united movements to nurture and create the radical and systemic social changes we need now! Register for an Account and Submit a Proposal.

New Socialisms Rising

Throughout the world, people are increasingly seeing the capitalist system as the problem behind economic crises, rising inequality, social divisions, climate catastrophe, and war. As a result, the world is witnessing a wave of New Socialisms Rising. But what does socialism mean here and now? What do current conditions and the histories of both capitalism and socialism teach us in order to act, organize and build alternatives. Left Forum 2020 wants to celebrate, examine and debate the new socialisms and radical alternatives that are rising across the world in order to strengthen our struggles and improve our living and working conditions, our relationships with nature and one-another, and our worlds. This year’s conference aims to discuss socialism’s different forms and interpretations, the lessons we might learn from the past, and what potential socialist futures could mean or be. 

Through our new collaboration with The Center for Critical Thought, this conference inaugurates an intensified and ongoing project of educating ourselves and each other and debating strategies while building solidarity!